Kevin is a senior directing major pursuing a career in making movies that create change. In his free time he likes Nutella. 


Mikaela is a senior Creative Producing student with a passion for television development and programming. She spends 75% of her week catching up on TV (sorry, sleep!) and eating Trader Joes dark chocolate cookie butter cups (sorry, health!)  

carlotta harlan / / writer

former SIFF FutureWave member and independent film writer. She has a strong affinity for custard-filled donuts and pictures of dogs wearing jackets. 


Matt is senior Film Production major with aspirations to professionally work for a major Hollywood studio after graduation.  He enjoys doing backflips on the beach and taking pictures of cars while he is not busy filming cars.


Eric is a junior Creative Producing student looking to dive into Hollywood or action sports after graduation.  His hobbies include photography, music production, skiing, and relaxing.  Eric has a bright outlook on everything that always ends up getting himself stoked on life.

Gabrielle Smith / / Marketing & Design

Gabrielle is a junior PR and Advertising major pursuing a career in the advertising industry as a creative director. She has a borderline obsession with dolphins.

Harrison Chase / / LOCATIONS MANAGER

Harrison Chase is a film producer from Pittsburgh, Pa. At 15, Harrison was able to intern on a feature film set inspiring a love for all things filmmaking and managing a creative process. In 2011, he moved to Los Angeles to study producing and has worked diligently on short films and indie features. Harrison is a senior at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts with a BFA in Creative Producing.  He loves Ramen.

Sarah Paciocco / / unit production manager

As a senior Creative Producing major, Sarah has spent nearly 4 years studying producing and hopes to apply what she has learned in the world of television production post-graduation. Sarah has an unnatural fondness for donuts, chocolate, and pickles (but not in the same sitting!)

Lauren Mayes / / production designer

Lauren loves being able to create whole new worlds and transform locations into something completely different than they once were. While building and designing sets from the ground up is what she truly loves she also really enjoys decorating and dressing preexisting sets. Fun Fact: Lauren got ordained to be a minister online.

Camille Smura / / 1st assistant director

Born and raised in the Bay Area of California, Camille is a Los Angeles transplant as of the last five years. While studying film production at Chapman University, she fine-tuned her passion for film, while making her own movies that have helped her shape her directorial ambitions. She also has a blind dog named Radar.