here is some personal information about the als patients our script and story is inspired and crafted around, drawing from true events and emotion

Tom Masters

Tom Masters is a former engineer born and raised in Orange County. He retired shortly after being diagnosed with ALS and enjoys spending time with wife of 35 years, Heidi. 

Heidi suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, but together they navigate life’s twists and turns with their unconditional love for each other and support from their four children. Tom and Heidi enjoy spending time with their family and Disneyland outings with their three beautiful grandchildren. 


dean reinemann

Dean Reinemann and his wife, Tina, live in Orange County, CA. Dean’s sharp wit and incredible sense of humor often cheer the spirits of those at the ALS of Orange County support group as he has a gift of making everyone around him laugh.

Dean and his wife enjoy spending time together and love to travel.  he particularly enjoys “wheelchair races”. 


Hans Pfeffer lives in Orange County with his wife of 37 years, Sandra. Hans immigrated to the United States from Germany in the 1950s and began a career in the aerospace field. After being diagnosed with ALS in 2010, he became actively involved in the ALS of Orange County chapter support group.

He and his wife love weekend getaways and note that the love and support from their family and friends help them get through the “roller coaster” of the disease.